WATCH: Someone is stealing our newspapers!

newspaper theft final.jpg

Thanks to surveillance video footage provided by the Vanderbilt University Police Department, we have evidence of the newspaper thief who's been stealing an overwhelming number of print copies of O&AN from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

"This has been going on at Vanderbilt for around six months, if not more, based on what I've discovered," said Print Managing Editor James Grady, "in at least the box on the second floor of the hospital and we suspect at other areas including in front. We put about 100 copies in there and the thief is going through that each time."

"The latest incident occurred on January 13," he said. 

News 2's Andy Cordan reported on the suspicious newspaper thefts. Watch that news report here:

If you can't see this embedded video in your browser, go directly to the WKRN website article.

"We put a sign on the inside of the box," said Grady, "warning the thief that only the first copy is free and to leave money in the box for other copies and that it [the box] was under video surveillance. He ripped that sign out and took all the copies."

Whether or not this crime is prosecuted as such," he continued, "it is a crime motivated by anti-gay bias that led our paper to be targeted while other free titles went untouched. If the prosecutor determines this case doesn't rise to the level of a hate crime, it should still be remembered what motivated this action. Hatred of, and bias against, LGBT Nashville."

If you have any information regarding the suspect, pictured above, please call the Vanderbilt University Police Department: 615-322-2745.