Val’s Voice – Sept. 12, 2006


Hey kids,

Well, what’s the verdict on Ro? (The View) Is she a NO or a GO?? I think she was a little over the top in the beginning, but I do think she had toned it down by the end of the week. I also, think she will be able to do wonders for us as far as visibility goes. Hopefully, she will not be viewed as, “Poor Ellen” was when she started to talk about being gay. As I see it now, she is only bringing her ‘family stories’ to the table, just as the others do. Does anyone miss Starr?

Speaking of Starr, did anyone happen to notice that Kris is no longer doing the news on THE RIVER? In her final speech, she was heard saying she will, “pull a Starr Jones”! (heehee)  I… for one, have already written my email to The RIVER in protest of this ‘mismanagement’! I think IF ANYTHING, they should have gotten rid of Woody and Jim and made her a DJ. This woman is FUNNY! Has anyone forgotten her role in the ‘Academy Awards Ceremony Tape’ (shown only at TRIBE by the way) No one can name a favorite movie better than her!! (Wasn’t she the one who gave us, Nanny McPhee?) Look for her to do a segment on The View, soon! heehee

Has anyone had the DISPLEASURE of losing your cell phone yet? UGH!! Is there really anything worse? Hell, I can’t remember whose names where in mine, let alone, their numbers!! What a headache!!! Besides, I haven’t traveled without a cell for years! (LIONS AND TIGERS ..NO CELLS OH MY!!) So, don’t be surprised if I have to get your numbers all over again!

I caught the movie, ‘The Poseidon Adventure’. Oh, how I long for the days of Shelly Winters trying to swim her way to safety! heehee Sing it with me…..”there’s got to be a morning after…….” I thought this was a remake, but this one had new characters. How about, Richard Dreyfus as a gay man, (NO, that earring wasn’t even convincing!) who is just about to commit suicide by jumping ship, when he spots this TIDAL WAVE heading straight for him. He then, spends the rest of the movie trying to LIVE!! HUH?? He even kicks this poor little waiter, who by the way was clinging to his foot begging to live…. off of his foot so he can keep trying to survive. Heehee Then, there’s Kurt Russell, whom I usually enjoy in movies. I THINK he was playing the role of THURSTON HOWELL!! (from Gilligan’s Island) At the risk of ruining the movie for all of you, I will let that ride. Since this WAS a rental, I guess I will have to suggest that you wait for it to come to ‘daytime’ TV!

Did everyone hear that ELLEN (who by the way has now made it to ONE NAME status) is going to be hosting the OSCAR’S t his year? That should be quite fun!

Unknown Author
Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.

Lil Tina is selling her truck, if anyone is interested it is very nice and I am sure she can send you the info….just ask. It is a 2003 Silverado-17,000 miles 4×4

I am thinking of starting a new segment titled, “WHERE IN THE HELL IS VAL”? (SORT OF LIKE WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MATT?) I’ll feature a picture and you all can guess where I am. (NO PRIZES!!) Sounds like fun, huh? (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO)

Well gang, that’s all I got for you this week….I give and I give……

Love to all,


  • Sat 9/16 – Shane’s Restaurant, Franklin 7-9pm with Colleen Lloy and Mare Wakefield
  • Sat 9/16 – Tracy Rice & Jazzmyn Out on the Deck @8pm
  • Sat 9/16 – Colleen McFarland @ Shanes Restaurant, Franklin 7-9pm
  • Singin’ The Blues With Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie’s Tin Machine)
  • Sun 9/17 – Colleen McFarland @ The Family Wash, East Nashville @ 9pm
  • Fri 9/22 – HRC Wild West Showdown @ 2 Rivers Mansion
  • Sat 9/23 – Yo Mama (A Reunion Gig For Stamps, Jonell Mosser & Kathy Mack) A Benefit For Vote No On 1 Campaign
  • Sat 9/23 – Predator’s Pre-Season Game
  • Fri 9/29 – Girl’s Night Out @ Church Street Café @ 7pm

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