Val’s Voice – Nov. 1, 2006


Let’s see, this past month I made it out to the AIDS Walk. There was quite a crowd and a beautiful day for the walk. Now, see what I mean about holding PRIDE in the Fall (no sweating)? The Respectables were very good and they had the crowd on their feet, even that early in the morning! It was a nice "family" outing for a great cause.

Well, The Predators (who, by the way, were burning up the ice in pre-season) lost their season opener at home. It was pitiful. They went on to lose two more games before FINALLY pulling in a victory. The same weekend the Titans decided to win. They have since won another game and are hopefully on their way to that winning season we have "high hopes" for.

The Vote NO on 1 Campaign is reviving up its message as it goes into the final stretch. They held a "family picnic" on Monday, October 16. Roving Renee has been EVERYWHERE lately, and believe me, if you knew Renee like I know Renee, you would be amazed at her stamina too!

I walked The Whitland Tour of homes last month. There were some amazing homes on this tour. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood as well. (Is that a song?) Check out the story at

I am here to tell you that The Cabaret is alive and well. I say this for you people (like myself) who may have thought this place had closed. It appears to be a woman’s club, but they still host a looong drag show. I guess the women must like the "Drag Shows" as much as the men do. (Things that make you go, "Hmm?") I am still pulling for the day when we will see a 100-percent woman doing a drag show looking like a woman, NOT a man. Am I going to have to put this thing together myself?