Val’s Voice — June 18, 2007


Well, to those of you who it matters, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! I am wondering how long it will be before they come up with, HAPPY BUTCH AND FEMME DAY, aren’t you?

What about WHOOPI? As the  replacement for ROSIE on the VIEW? That could work. Or they
could bring on a gay guy, hmm that could be fun. Ron the ‘flaming’ intern from the tonight show was desperately trying to get on Barbara’s good side.

It was brought to my attention that, I gave out the WRONG INFO last week for, ‘The Girls Night Out Dinner’ this month. It will be held at, GOLDEN EAGLE in Murfreesboro. However, Christy and Amy will not be there this month, since Christy’s dad is very ill. I would like to send out my thoughts for peace and well being to Christy, Amy and her family at this time.

The KROGER STORY has been picked up all over the nation. I hope you all participated in the store receipt drive that took place this weekend. CHECK OUT OUTANDABOUT NASHVILLE.COM for more info.

Have you ever wondered about, ‘Trigger finger’, (NO, it’s NOT some lesbian award!!) ok,ok, if you are like me, you might have suspected that "trigger finger" is something from out of the old west. You know the old movies where the cowboy was "trigger happy", shooting up the town? Well, I am here to tell you that is NOT the case! No, ‘Trigger finger’ is when your ligament has trouble sliding in and out of the tunnel in your fingers or in my case my thumb. It happens when I am asleep, so every morning my thumb feels like it is dislocated. I am telling you, the things that start to happen when you age is UNBELIEVABLE! And while I am on this subject, DON’T even bother to try to go online and diagnose yourself, UNLESS you are a glutton for punishment. There are so many diseases and ailments out there! Let me just say this, if you were worried before you start looking, you will be either TERRIFIED or RELIEVED (that you don’t have all those other things) when you are done!


VAL’S HELPFUL HINTS: Rainy day cure for dog odor …Next time your dog comes in from the rain, simply wipe down the animal with Bounce or any dryer sheet, instantly making your dog smell springtime fresh. (AND STATIC FREE) I think this is much better than sticking your cat in the dryer like SOME folks have been known to do in the past! Don’t you? JUST A JOKE FOLKS!


I caught the movie, OCEAN’S THIRTEEN this week. While it was entertaIning, I am still wondering…WHAT is the draw for these guys to keep making these movies ? Yes, I am sure it is like a ‘reunion’, but is there really a point for all these OCEAN MOVIES? And, while I am on the subject, WHY are they called OCEAN’S anyway? This one is set in Vegas and as we ALL know…."what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"! right? I shall give this movie 3 VALSTARS.

Have you ever eaten at MAMA MIA’S? It is a quaint little restaurant off Harding Rd and Trousdale. The tables are covered with white table cloths, they play Italian music in the background and they have some nice pictures of Italy on the walls. (now, if they ONLY had a gondola out front!)  They have some very tasty Italian dishes there.  They don’t serve alcohol though, BUT…you can bring your own bottle of wine and they will charge a small fee to open it for you. Check it out, it’s well worth it.
Meredith West
If you want to stand out, don’t be different; be outstanding.

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