Val’s Voice – Jan. 5, 2007


Well, the parties have all died down (see photos) and it is time to begin another year.

Time for that fresh start, time to let go of the past and move into a new you, right?

The YMCA parking lot is ALWAYS full this time of year. You have to get there VERY early to find a spot. This will usually last until around the first of February and then…poof… they are all gone, once again! I always enjoy watching these new enrollees (with the exception of not finding a parking space, that is!) working off that Christmas feast. Yes, I am talking about the three month long feast, that seems to start around Halloween and goes right on through to New Years Day! It’s as if we ‘know’ that we are doing wrong, but, we are so sure that we will make up for it on New Years Day, that we just keep on gorging! I guess it reminds me of using your charge card for everything you buy, then hoping for a ‘windfall’ so that you can pay it all off at one time. Wouldn’t that be a “WONDERFUL LIFE”?? If you haven’t been to a gym in a while, you may be surprised to see that most machines have TV monitors right on them! Can you believe it? I mean if you are going to watch OPRAH anyway, you may as well do it while you are working out, right?

I play racquetball at the Downtown Y on Church Street and while I have ‘heard’ many stories about it being quite the “pick up place” I have yet to see this first hand. It’s not anything like, “QUEER AS FOLK”, where they were getting hit on in the process of lifting weights (well, not that I have seen anyway!) And, I am pretty certain that this is a “guy thing” too, because I have been a member for about 10 years now and have not seen any women having sex in the locker room or showers, NO MATTER HOW HARD I HAVE TRIED! heehee. Now, on the other hand, I have heard the guys I play racquetball with talk about “activity” in the men’s shower/locker rooms. Could this just be their FEAR talking? Possibly…..curiosity??

Well, this is something to think about, as you consider which gym you might want to join, for your New Year Resolution.

Happy Tails…uh, I mean tRails!!

Till next time….