Val’s Voice – Jan. 17, 2007


Good news for Steff Mahan, who has informed me that she will be signing with Suzanne Westenhoffer’s people in the coming months. She also said she will be doing the OLIVIA CRUISE in March – the same cruise that Melissa Etheridge will be on. Can you just imagine how that will go over? POOR MELISSA!

The Rosie vs. Donald story is quite amusing and still hasn’t calmed down yet. I heard her say, he was like the “comb-over energizer” bunny, he just keeps going and going.

Caught the movie, Night at the Museum this week. It was a fun movie. Mickey Rooney and Dick Van Dyke were both in it and that was fun in itself (with the exception that seeing Dick that old is making me feel older)! I am not usually a big fan of Ben Stiller and I have to tell you that I forgot about Anne Meara being his mother, even when they had a scene together. Isn’t it a law that you would have to be funny if you have Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara for your parents?

Ok, so ELLEN is at it again! If you saw her show on Friday, you will know what I am referring to, right? Her, Golden Globe interviews at the International House of Pancakes, seemed VERY much like our (Renee, Pam and I) TRIBE OSCAR INTERVIEWS from last year, remember? WHO can forget that? I am telling you that woman will do anything to be like me. She is even going so far as to HOST the OSCARS this year just to “one up” me! JUST WAIT TILL I GET MY OWN SHOW! Maybe she should just hire me as a consultant, INSTEAD of having to steal my thunder. Doesn’t she realize how much fun we could have since we are so much alike!?

Cashed in my Christmas present this week, which was a massage at OPRYLAND HOTEL. Now, just for the record that doesn’t mean Little Jimmy Dickens is going to greet you at the door with a tube of hot massage oil. (WHOOPS, maybe that is just MY fantasy.) There is a spa at Opryland located on the second level in the Cascades called RELACHE. It has a wonderful atmosphere, quiet and calming. There are many services available besides massage. Check out my February column this month at for more on this experience. 

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come.”
Victor Hugo

And now a word about the L-WORD

Well, Papi’s (pronounced POPi, as we found out, with a BIG “O” sound, as you let the “O” roll off the end of your tongue in circles, as Alice soon found out! whoo-hoo!) identity was revealed. I think she looked better in the rear view mirror!  How many of you have ever crawled out of the bushes with a Latin lover before? Helena has really learned how to live on the streets, right? Was that anything like that old saying, “A bush in the hand is like a BUSH in the bushes?” Or, something like that. Jenny is starting to shine through her true colors again (just when I almost forgot she was CRAZY). Do you think they will have her teaching pre-schoolers this year? After all, she is doing such a GREAT job with Shay.

Upcoming events: 

January-18-21 and 25-27 – Tennessee women’s theater project will run the play, "Nickel and Dimed" at the Z. Alexander lobby theatre in Nashville’s metro center. Tickets available online @ or call 615-681-7220.

January-20 – Nissa’s “big hog” (as in Harley) birthday bash

January-20 – Preds play ducks! (Should be very interesting)

January-20 – Girls with guitars (stamps is hosting) hmm…is that @ Douglas Corner?

January-26 – Girl’s night out meeting @ Joe’s Crab Shack @ 7pm

January-29 – Nissa’s b/day – all aboard! The O&AN/iOut out cruise is due to set sail (see info below). More than 300 individuals have booked cabins on a fantastic cruise aboard the luxurious Costa Mediterranea, which will set sail from fort. Lauderdale bound for the tropics on Sunday, Feb. 25 returning Sunday, March 4. For more information or to book your cruise, call toll free 1-888-403-0071.

Don’t forget to watch? The O&A Today show on weekends. Friday night @ 8:30pm, Saturday @ 9:30pm and 2 am, Sunday @ 10:00pm and 2am.