Val’s Voice (11/05/07)


Did anyone see the costume on ELLEN for Halloween? Two girls in the audience had wooden night tables built around their shoulders and a lamp shade on their heads with an alarm clock and a medicine bottle sitting on top of the table and they called themselves…..a couple of ONE NIGHT STANDS!! (ISN’T THAT GREAT?) I KNOW there are some of you who don’t NEED the costume! I won’t mention any names… Debby!

Well, the racquetball tournament didn’t go quite the way I planned it, BUT…fortunately for me, I don’t let a little thing like losing, stop me! I just realize that I have more "training" to do! Maybe it was that chocolate cake, that I ate for breakfast that day, that threw me over the edge, ya think?? (I thought that was the breakfast of champions!) At least it wasn’t a total loss, we did win some before we got knocked out.

Speaking of winning, what about those TITANS and PREDS winning this weekend? Not to mention the PATRIOTS doing just what we needed them to do. (Deal a loss to the COLTS!) Wasn’t that a classic shot of Manning laying on the ground and then hitting it like a "spoiled brat" who couldn’t have an ice cream cone? That was a great game!

Why is Fred Thompson running for President? Isn’t he a little too old to take on this task? Remember Reagan, I think his slogan was something like this…"88 in 86."

"Although our inattention can contribute to our lack of total well-being, we also have the power to choose positive behaviors and responses. In that choice we change our every experience of life!"


  • NOVEMBER-25-RENEE’S BIRTHDAY! (WHOO HOO) I WONDER IF SHE WANTS ME TO BAKE HER A CAKE? (Or maybe some delicious brownies using my ‘special’ ingredient, 11 herbs and spices)