Val’s Voice (10/28/08)


Well, Al and Laurel’s big cookout was quite successful at least up until the point that I left …cause by the time I left it was starting to get REALLY scary and it wasn’t even a Halloween Bash! 

However, they were lined up on opposite sides of the ping pong table (and it wasn’t to play TEAM PING PONG either!) they had drinks and shots and were calling it "tippy cup" if I remember correctly. I figured IF I stayed for any tippy cup I might as well pull up a bed cause I sure wouldn’t be driving home after that!

And before Tippy Cup there were the, ‘FLAMIN’ DR PEPPERS’! talk about shaming the POISON BAR!! These things had blue flames coming out of them WHILE they were drinking them!! MOMMY!!!!  I ran back to the campfire after that! Only to find that there were too many BROWNIES and not enough girl scouts (depending on how look at that wording anyway).

In other words few of us knew how to keep the fire burning. No one seemed to like my suggestion of using the FLAMIN’ DR PEPPER PICNIC TABLE!! for firewood… (in hindsight it probably would have caused a huge EXPLOSION!!)

Ahh…. finally a trip to the DOG PARK!! Now I can see what Nina and Renee love so much about this place. Not only is it a good ‘pick up’ place (well they did meet Michelle there after all) and there are OTHER things to pick up there too!! (that involve a plastic bag, of course) BUT…there are all those furry little creatures running around like they own the place.

I LOVED it!! I am sure I  will be going back, I just hope that they don’t think I am LOITERING since I won’t have a dog to bring.  Poor Barty would probably love it, but then again…I can barely get him in and out of the car these days!

There’s a new club on Church Street called VIBE! (well it is the newest, it may have been there for a while now, cause I don’t get out there as much as I used to!) It is another dance and showgirl bar. Where you will find girls like Bianca Page and Anastasia Beaverhausen! (now THAT is a name!!) Maybe she could join the Eager Beavers Softball Team?!

Nothing caps off the weekend like YUM YUM, right Johnny? I told them if you want Johnny to do something all you have to do is mention…YUM-YUM sauce! She and Nissa rode their Harley to TOYOAMA…(probably so they could save money on gas and buy more YUM-YUM!lol) The meal was worth skipping lunch for! Although Ally wasn’t too happy when our chef miscalculated his egg toss giving all new meaning to egg drop soup, when it landed in hers, splashing chicken broth all over the counter and possibly her. When I mentioned, "There goes your tip!" he responded with, "What is it you are having?"  then proceeded to give me LESS of it! YES, don’t think I didn’t notice!

Bonnie Jean Wasmund: Empathy Quotes
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

  • OCTOBER-29-NINA’S BIG 50 BIRTHDAY! (don’t worry girl, you can do it!)heehee