University of Tennessee Sex Week saga continues


Last week officials at the University of Tennessee (UT) pulled state tax funding from the planned ‘Sex Week’ on campus. Of course, the infamous Sen. Stacey Campfield was involved as he moved to review the UT budget discussion until the University commented on the planned week of events.

According to the Sex Week UT website, the goal is to "advocate for a comprehensive understanding of sex and sexuality and cultivate dialogue on these topics." While some of the uproar has been raised over such events as the Golden Condom Scavenger Hunt and a workshop entitled “How Many Licks Does It Take …” the weeks also includes a staged reading of the hit Broadway musical Spring Awakening, a workshop on preventing sexual assaults, tips to practice safe sex and free HIV testing.

A new development today in the UT Sex saga has found a popular online dating site offering to fully fund the lost state tax revenue. has offered to fully fund the event and match the entire amount revoked by the University.

Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of the website, felt passionately about this cause and has offered to donate $11,145 to the event—the exact amount that was cut from state funding due to pressure from local legislators.

"The lack of Sex Education has left so many younger adults in our country incapable of making smart choices for themselves," said Wade in a prepared statement. "Examples of the ignorance in our society can be seen everywhere. From teenagers having unprotected sex because they have been taught it is a sin to use protection, to the absurdity of some of our leaders asserting that one cannot become pregnant from a legitimate rape."

In addition to the generous donation being offered by Wade, private donors and Planned Parenthood have helped raised nearly $7,000 according to The Associate Press.

You can find all the UT Sex Week events here.