Two Nashville CARES staff honored by POZ Magazine

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Two staff members of Nashville CARES have been recognized for their service by a leading national publication that focuses on HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Tiye Amos-Mandela, CARES Emotional Health & Wellness Manager, and Robert Adams-Ghee, CARES [former] Chief Financial Officer were both included in the annual POZ 100 list. The December issue of the national magazine — dubbed "Celebrating the South" — features 100 people, both HIV positive and HIV negative, who are leaders in in the fight to end HIV/AIDS. In the past, they have highlighted groups such as researchers, youth and long-term survivors, but this year they are focusing on a geographic region: the South covering 17 states in the region. 

Why the South? Kathie M. Hiers, CEO of AIDS Alabama and a POZ 100 honoree, summed it up best in the documentary deepsouth: “[In the United States, the South has] the most people living with HIV/AIDS, the most poverty, the most sexually transmitted infections, the most people without health insurance, the most vulnerable populations, the fastest-growing epidemic, the least access to health care, the highest mortality rates and the least resources to deal with this crisis.”

On the flip side, the South is also home to a diverse and inspiring range of people dedicated to elevating lives and improving the health and well-being of those in their communities. To read more and view all 100 honorees visit


About the honorees:

Dr. Tiye Amos-Mandela (HIV Positive) – Tiye earned an MBA and a doctorate in education, so it’s no surprise that Tiye runs a university. But the one she manages is HealthyU, a program of AIDS service organization Nashville CARES, where Tiye is the emotional health and wellness manager overseeing behavioral health services and staff and peer certification. HealthyU consists of educational programs and social groups for people living with HIV/AIDS, and under her leadership, it has grown to include such wellness programs as Healthy Relationships, Spiritual Connection, Healthy Living and Ask-a-Pharmacist. Tiye also facilitates IAMSTRONG, a peer-based treatment adherence intervention plan that seeks to empower people living with HIV to take care into their own hands by taking their meds.


Robert Adams-Ghee (HIV Negative) – With Robert as its chief financial officer, the team at Nashville CARES has grown its budget from $700,000 to more than $30 million. But his dedication goes beyond business acumen. He has worked with various grassroots groups, chaired the Community HIV/AIDS Partnership (CHAP) and recently served as a co-chair of the Nashville Regional HIV Planning Council. Robert is a founding member of Planet Nashville, a nonprofit that sends volunteers to Africa to do HIV work. The organization recently created a scholarship in his name to honor his work in the community.