Two gay candidates qualify for Metro Council race


Nashville may soon have its first openly gay council representative. Two openly gay men have qualified to appear on the ballot for Metro Council for the August 2 election, with one of them running unopposed.

Keith Durbin, an openly gay man in the Hillsboro Village-Belmont area  (Council District 18) will run unopposed (unless a write-in candidate name appears) for the seat being vacated by incumbent Ginger Hausser Pepper, who is term-limited from seeking a third term. Shane Burkett, an openly gay man in Hermitage, will face incumbent Jim Gotto for the Council District 12 seat (see related story on Burkett here).

Should either (or both) win their races, Durbin and Burkett will make Tennessee history as the first publically elected out public official. According to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, there are 440 individuals who are “out” that have been appointed or elected to public office. Tennessee is one of five states that does not have an “out” elected official. Durbin has been endorsed by the Victory Fund. Burkett has submitted his application is awaiting a decision.

Durbin is well-known in his district. He has served as president of the Belmont-Hillsboro Neighbors for five years and is positing himself as a strong voice for neighborhood interests. Durbin works for HCA Information and Technology services. His partner of 12 years is Gary Bynum, who is vice president of human resources for Homeland Security Corporation.

In addition to the council races, voters will also elect a new mayor, vice-mayor, and school board member in the election. Early voting will begin in July. Candidates have until Noon, Thursday, May 24, to withdraw from the race so their name doesn’t appear on the ballot.

Candidates and the races are listed below. Incumbents are in italics.

Mayoral Candidates

David Briley
Bob Clement
Karl Dean
Buck Dozier
Kenneth Eaton
Howard Gentry
Cheryl Tisdale

Vice-Mayoral Candidates

Diane Neighbors
Linda W. Perry
Carolyn Tucker

School Board District 3 Candidates

Mark North

Council-at-Large Candidates

Brady Banks
Megan Barry
Luther Beckett
Kenneth Berryhill
Jim Boyd
Luvenia Butler
Jonathan Davidson
Richard Exton
Tim Garrett
Ronnie Greer
Saletta Holloway
Philip Hostettler
Michael Kerstetter
J.B. Loring
James A. Maxwell
Jerry Maynard
Steve McClure
J. Gower Mills
Dave Pelton
Steve Reiter
Tony Roberts
Ronnie Steine
James Turner II
Charlie Tygard
Maurice Walker
Peter Westerholm

Council District 1 Candidates

Ken Jakes
William D. Mason Jr.
Lonnell Matthews
Andre’ Southall
Felicia Wilson

Council District 2 Candidates

Terry Clayton
Frank Harrison
Jamie D. Isabel Sr.

Council District 3 Candidates


Council District 4 Candidates

Michael Craddock
Freda B. Evans

Council District 5 Candidates

Samuel Mc Cullough,
Pam Murray

Council District 6 Candidates

Mike Jameson

Council District 7 Candidates

Erik Cole

Council District 8 Candidates

Karen Bennett
Albert G. Berry
Rod Boehm
Jason Hart
Randy Reed

Council District 9 Candidates

Jim Forkum

Council District 10 Candidates

Rip Ryman

Council District 11 Candidates

Johnny Ellis
Darren Jernigan
Ricky Mc Clintock

Council District 12 Candidates

Shane Burkett
Jim Gotto

Council District 13 Candidates

Carl Burch
Tony Derryberry

Council District 14 Candidates

Bruce Stanley
Harold White

Council District 15 Candidates

Phillip Claiborne
Gary Howell
Larry Keeton

Council District 16 Candidates

Jerry Austin
Charles O. French
Tony Tenpenny
Karen Van Dyke

Council District 17 Candidates

Cordenus Eddings
Chris Lugo
Sandra V. Moore
Cynthia Owsley
Frank Stevenson
Rossi Turner
Gregory E. Wood

Council District 18 Candidates

Keith Durbin

Council District 19 Candidates

Janice A. Davis

Erica Gilmore
Keith A. Pitts
Freda Player
David Shaw

Council District 20 Candidates

James Baker
Brenda Inglis
Lillian E. Pharris
Billy Walls

Council District 21 Candidates

Edith Taylor Langster
Harold M. Love
“Ronnie" Simmons

Council District 22 Candidates

Eric Crafton

Council District 23 Candidates

Craig Andreen
Emily Evans

Council District 24 Candidates

Katherine Beasley
Jason Holleman
Gary Pennington
Irwin Venick

Council District 25 Candidates

Sean P. Mc Guire

Council District 26 Candidates

Greg Adkins

Council District 27 Candidates

Randy Foster

Council District 28 Candidates

Duane Dominy
Jacobia Dowell

Council District 29 Candidates

Paul V. Jr. Collins
Vivian Wilhoite

Council District 30 Candidates

Jim Hodge

Council District 31 Candidates

Fabian Bedne
Parker Toler

Council District 32 Candidates


Council District 33 Candidates

Albert Bender
Page Turner

Council District 34 Candidates

Lisa Pote
Carter Todd

Council District 35 Candidates

Donald W. Johnson
Bo Mitchell