Treat Yourself to Macabaret at Play This Weekend


As the time approaches the Witching Hour in the darkened barroom, it’s time for the ghosts and ghouls gather together once more to celebrate by singing and dancing the night away while exploring those old themes that mean so much to everyone this holiday season: murder, death, and love gone awry.

Macabaret, Robert Hartmann and Scott Keys’ masterful meeting of the minds that squarely lands somewhere between The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Rocky Horror Show has now touched down in Nashville after enjoying regional runs that have kept the show alive for over ten successful years.

The second production from new-kid-on-the-block Street Theatre Company finds the group (led by founders and producers Cathy Sanborn Street and JJ Street) diving headfirst into the murky territory of Nashville cabaret entertainment as the city is desperate for more good cabaret-style performances.

The show promises to offer appropriately entertaining adult Halloween fun with its gallows humor, irreverence and darkly comic songs.The performers (Jeanne Ackerley, Jill Courtney, Stephen Henry, Tyson Laemmel, & Yvonne Smith) are already strong actors and vocalists on their own. However, they really get to show the true depths of their collective talent when they weave together complex harmonics during the macabre musical grab bag that plays out onstage. Add this to a people-friendly environment where people actually want to go like Play (who already offer theatre in the form of Kaine Riggan’s Sitcom) on Thursday nights and Street Theatre Company may just have found a winning combination.

Street Theatre Company presents Macaberet, Oct. 28-30 at PLAY on Church Street. Cathy Sanborn Street directs, Dietz Osborne is the choreographer, and pianist Chris Smallwood provides the accompaniment.

For times and tickets, phone 319-9661 or visit