Top 10 O&AN Online Stories for 2013


You clicked, we counted. Here are the top stories online for O&AN in 2013.

10) Same-sex couples file marriage recognition lawsuit in Tennessee

The lawsuit wasn’t filed until late October but that didn’t stop this story from being in our top 10 for the year. Four Tennessee couples, including Dr. Valeria Tanco and Dr. Sophy Jesty of Knoxville, filed to have their out-of-state marriages recognized. Brought in part by Gay Faves Lawyer Abby Rubenfeld, the case has yet to be heard but O&AN will continue to provide news about the path to equality in Tennessee.


9) Nashville Untucked: Say sayanora to Sara Andrews

In June, O&AN readers were crushed when they found out their ‘sweet sensation’ Sara Andrews was packing it up for the sunny sights of Florida. Thousands of fans logged on and left love for one of Nashville’s beloved performers.


8) O&AN Transgender Day of Remembrance Coverage

This year Nashville celebrated its largest Transgender Day of Remembrance when nearly 200 community members from more than 30 organizations joined with Vanderbilt University’s Office of LGBTQI Life to remember those from our state and around the world who have lost their lives to anti-trans violence.


7) Grizzlies almost bare it all

Nearly naked men and of course the clicks will go crazy. This year the Grizzlies’ did not disappoint with their 2014 calendar. Their steamy set of photos, shot by Christopher Malone, are helping to raise funds to get the team to this year’s Bingham Cup in Sydney. It is available on their website now.


6) National HIV vaccine trial, HVTN 505, vaccinations stopped

O&AN broke this national story when the trials for HVTN 505 were discontinued and readers from across the city (and nation) logged in to get this first look.


5) Seen Out & About Photos

Say Cheese! Our photo pages were some of the most viewed . . . ever. From Nashville Pride to the LGBT Chamber’s Tastefully Unpredictable, readers know when they leave an event to login to O&AN for photos


4) Davidson County couple attempts to apply for Tennessee marriage license

O&AN was on hand and filming when Jef Laudieri and Will Peyton attempted to get a Tennessee marriage license from Davidson County. Did they get? Nope. But their efforts were enough to put them on our November cover.


3) Gay Faves voting/nominations

This year’s re-launched Gay Faves sent thousands of readers to our website to first nominate and then vote for their Gay Faves in over 40 categories.


2) Ani DiFranco brings fall tour through Nashville

Activism. Motherhood. Bisexuality. You name is and Ani DiFranco has done it. Her fierce guitar playing and progressive insight has played in our ears for years and we were excited to chat the performer up before her Nashville show at Marathon Music Works.


1) ABC's Nashville goes gay

Whoa, did they just do that? When closeted, hunky showman Will Lexington (Chris Carmack) tried to plant one on Gunnar, we knew ABC finally got it right. And that was only season one. Juliette did some lady lip-locking in the show’s second soapy season. Nashville, we’re hooked. Who are we kidding? We already were!