Thursdays at Ibiza Are ‘Rico’


Ibiza Nightclub in Brentioch has been open since October 2004, operating as one of, in not the, only large salsa clubs in the area. Week in and week out, it has entertained guests with “Latin music, of course,” explained owner Carlos Moncayo. “Salsa, merengue, Spanish Top 40 like Mark Anthony and Enrique Iglesias.”

The club also has a reputation for hosting renowned DJs and live acts. “We bring DJs from other states and countries,” Moncayo added, “and we have already presented concerts from over fifty-five artists over the years.

Now, after ten years in business, Ibiza is trying something new: Rico, an LGBT oriented event night to be held each Thursday. Moncayo said that he’s committing six months to building the event and hopes that it will take off. “There are gay people,” he said, “American, Latino, and others, who wanted me to give them a night.”


This is a huge step for any straight club, but especially for one of Nashville’s popular Latino businesses. As O&AN’s January 2015 cover profiled, LGBT immigrants and others in the Latino community often feel as if they are walking between two worlds that don’t mix.

Moncayo says things are changing, though, and that he’s observed his LGBT clientele coming out and being accepted by his straight patrons. He feels like it’s time to open up and give LGBT people and their allies – especially those of South Nashville – a place to unwind and have fun, with less stress.

“Here they're closer to home if they have to call a cab, parking is free and plentiful, drinks are cheaper…. It just makes sense.” And with $2 longnecks til 11 p.m. and $4 well drinks all night, Moncayo isn’t kidding!

So far Rico has been building slowly, but on Thursday, December 10, 2015, Ibiza will be holding a major launch party, with full drag, scantily clad shot boys, and guest bartenders. Veronika Electronika is hosting, with special performances by Paige Turner, Nicole Richards, Obsinity, and Nece Sexton! This is your opportunity to check out Nashville’s newest recurring LGBT party and see what one of Nashville’s longest-running Latin clubs is all about.

For more information, visit Club Ibiza on Facebook, and the special page for the Rico event.