This Week in Theaters: ‘Hustle’ to see Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence


American Hustle: Director David O. Russell took the biggest stars from his previous two features (that’d be The Fighter’s Christian Bale and Amy Adams, and Silver Linings Playbook’s Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence) and threw them all into a very different setting for American Hustle. Based (very) loosely on the ABSCAM scandals of the 1970s, Hustle takes a fairly standard story and fills it with some of the most watchable performances to hit theaters this year. Well worth the watch. Win an American Hustle Prize Pack here.


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: Ron Burgundy and the rest of his team are back in this long-awaited sequel. This time, the team finds themselves entering the 1980s and the beginnings of the 24-hour cable news channel era.

Inside Llewyn Davis: The Coen brothers take on the early 1960s in their latest film, which follows a week in the life of a struggling young folk singer in Greenwich Village.


Saving Mr. Banks: Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins is easily one of the classic films in the Disney canon, but the path to making the film took decades to conclude. Saving Mr. Banks follows Disney’s quest to convince Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers to adapt her stories for film, with Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks playing Travers and Disney, respectively. Win a Saving Mr. Banks prize pack here. ​


Walking with Dinosaurs: While aimed at children, Walking with Dinosaurs also aims to be something a little different: an immersive adventure with a vivid, realistic representation of dinosaurs. The trailers do little to inspire confidence that the story itself, though, will be worth watching.