The new Meow Mix jingle is the ultimate Bro Country song

MEOW MIX graphic.jpg

Defined as songs about “partying, attractive young women, consumption of alcohol, and pickup trucks,” Bro Country is a relatively new term used to describe the current state of country music, music that is absent the sounds that, prior to just a couple years ago, still managed to define the genre (even if just in name): Haggard, Jones, Waylon & Willie.

Jody Rosen in New York Magazine coined the term last year, adding: “There isn’t a fiddle or pedal steel in earshot … [Florida Georgia Line pays] lip service to ‘little farm towns’ and pickup trucks and such. But what they care about is getting drunk and laid.” Entertainment Weekly stacked 40 songs up against its criteria of the most egregious Bro Country references.

On a contrary note: The Atlantic called the new female-led “Girl in a Country Song” the beginning of a backlash despite the fact that it capitalized on the very sonic elements that define Bro Country.

The one element that Bro Country retains from every form of country before it – including New Country, Neotraditionalist, Countrypolitan, Honky Tonk, etc, etc – is innuendo.

And with that, Meow Mix – you read that right – has hit this one out of the park. The cat food manufacturer recently started a contest asking fans to submit their own “remix” of the classic jingle and to promote it they’ve created a couple of their own.

Watch this:


It’s even better when you just listen to it:

That's a free MP3, by the way. You can download it and listen all day long.

*sigh* … and so the evolution of country music continues.

Thanks, Meow Mix.