The Belcourt theatre presents 50 years of Janus films


The Belcourt Theater in Hillsboro Village has been running a series of Janus Films since January 3 and will continue to play these timeless classics through February 28.

For any lover of film, this touring 30-film retrospective of unparalleled greats is a must! From many of the world’s greatest directors of all time, come and enjoy the works of Hitchcock, Polanski, and many more.

Janus Films was formed in the late fifties and began with the intention of opening the world’s eyes to the works of Fellini, Bergman and other contemporaries of the time, thereby contributing to what has become known as the golden age of art house cinema. Janus Films has a place in the hearts of countless “cinephiles” all across the world.

The Belcourt will be showing these classics in new 35mm prints for the best possible quality, and many of the films will be introduced for their first screening by local cinephiles, who know their stuff.

Now is the time to head to the Belcourt for education on industry-changing films and to see these classics the way they were intended.

Ticket packages for Janus Films and all films playing at the Belcourt are on sale through their Web site, or at the theatre’s box office. Individual tickets to shows are also available at the box office daily.