The art of love


As a couple, they’re nearly as dedicated to Nashville’s creative arts scene as they are to one another.

Paul Vasterling and Jason Facio focus much of their time, energy and resources on giving back to the community, and as an added perk, they get to do so together.

"We bring each other into what we are working on individually and get much more out of the experience when we approach it in tandem," Facio said.

In the past, they have worked with various arts groups including the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, the Tennessee Repertory Theater and the Belcourt Theater as well as GLBT advocacy groups such as the Human Rights Campaign and the Tennessee Equality Project.

As artistic director of the Nashville Ballet, its school, and all its educational programs, Vasterling brings together many diverse community groups to form a bond through the arts. Facio sits on the board of the Belcourt Theatre as well as the Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce, and is currently working on innovative ways to enliven the gay community to the world of dance.

“We always make decisions together about our volunteerism and financial support,” Vasterling said.

Their latest endeavor is a creative effort to bring a new and exciting event, “Night OUT at the Ballet,” to the gay community with a night of art, ballet and dining. It’s a project close to their heart and through their combined talents, their resources, and their love for the arts, this couple works a team to bring their passions to life and to inspire one another.

"My work as artistic director of Nashville Ballet, its’ school, and all of it’s educational programs is where I do most of my work–finding new and innovative ways for the ballet to connect with different communities in Nashville, many times via collaborations with other organizations," Vasterling said. "That takes of most of my time… but the real energy in volunteering is Jason. It is amazing how much he does!"