The art of hair


For those of you (well, most of us) who feel that hair style is an important part of the look and expression of who we are—there is Shana Michelle Taylor.

Shana Michelle Taylor is a force of nature. She is the driving force behind Hair by Shana Michelle Taylor, a salon located in downtown Nashville.

Born a poor child in the projects of Jasper, Ala., she first started doing hair at the age of three. That was when her grandmother—Memaw—started paying her to roll and style her hair. Then, she would take the money her Memaw had given her to the goodwill store and purchase dolls so she could cut and style their hair. 

After graduation, Shana tried a couple of different things at college, but nothing clicked with her until a distant cousin, Helen Davis, took Shana under her wing and gave her a scholarship to her beauty academy in Jasper.

Within a couple of years, she moved to Los Angeles. There, she honed her skills and styled the likes of  Kristy McNichol—the actress from Empty Nest—and worked on a music video with Robert Palmer.

But soon, a move back to Jasper had to occur. Memaw, the only one who let her be who she felt was inside, had cancer. So, in November 1999, Shana moved back to Jasper to take care of her Memaw.

While in Jasper, Memaw gave Shana one last gift: she financed Shana’s first official business. And so, Illusions Hair Salon, Shana’s first business, was born. And this savvy entrepreneur hasn’t stopped since.

Sadly, in August of 2000, Memaw passed. Shana then moved to Birmingham for 3 years before coming to Nashville. Why Nashville? 

“It was the closest thing to Hollywood!” she happily concedes.

Shana is passionate. About her life. About meeting new people. And of course, about hair. In summing up her story, Shana is typically enthusiastic.

“The journey of becoming me has been scary, painful, exhilarating, promising, and triumphant!" Shana says. "To be a business owner, to be me, to be…SHANA!”

Check out Shana’s website ( for high-fashion photographs that showcase her work, her passion, her art…her hair.