Thanks Channel 5


I wish to applaud you and channel 5 for having the courage to do the show "Out and About Today." As I’m sure you know, Channel 5 was once in a similar situation in the early 60s when it aired the show "Night Train."

At the time, many of Nashville ‘s white community objected to the station airing a program featuring black R&B entertainers. In addition to pressure from many angry citizens, your station also received pressure from some Country Music organizations who wanted to maintain Nashville ‘s image as only the "country music capital," objecting to Nashville being noted for any other non-country music. Night Train aired regularly despite these protests and went on to showcase some of our nations greatest Blues and R&B artists. Your station provided these acts with one of the few televised outlets available to them at the time.

A walk through the Country Music Hall of Fame’s "Night Train to Nashville " exhibit will verify what I am saying, and I hope that everyone working at Channel 5 is proud of their company’s contributions by airing such quality programming during such difficult times.

I plan to watch this new show, support the sponsoring advertisers to your station and wish you the best of luck in this new endeavor. It is my hope that by watching this program, I will be entertained, informed and educated about issues relating to Nashville ‘s Gay & Lesbian Community.

Valerie Reynolds
[email protected]