TEP PAC announces endorsements


The Tennessee Equality Project Political Action Committee (TEP PAC) has made its fourth announcement this week for endorsements in the current election cycle.

The most recent announcement is for endorsements is for vice mayor – TEP PAC has endorsed Diane Neighbors for vice mayor. Other endorsemenst this week included nine district races for Nashville’s Metro Council and at-large council positions. The TEP PAC has not yet made an enodrsement for mayor.

"TEP PAC is pleased to announce our endorsement of Diane Neighbors for Vice Mayor of Nashville," said Jenny Ford, chair of TEP PAC.  "Diane’s record of support for our community and her intentional outreach to our voters make her the overwhelming choice. The vice mayor plays a critical role in shaping the committee structure of Metro Council. You can give a boost to future ordinances that advance fairness in Nashville by supporting Diane.  As well as giving her your vote, we ask you to make a campaign contribution by going to  www.NeighborsandFriends.org.  She would also welcome more volunteers."

Ford said the TEP PAC also endorsed for nine council district races, and looked for "equality advocates who will support fair laws for Nashville."

"We encourage you to give them your vote if you live in their district and to make campaign contributions by contacting them directly.  Another way we can show the value of a TEP PAC endorsement is for you to volunteer for their campaigns through the PAC.  If you would like to help with a campaign, contact Cole Wakefield at ColeWake@gmail.com."

The district endorsements are: 

District 6 –  Mike Jameson Mike.Jameson@Nashville.gov

District 8 – Dr. Albert G. Berry www.albertgberry.com

District 11 – Darren Jernigan receives our endorsement. http://www.darrenjernigan.com/
"We also recognize Johnny Ellis’ support on many equality issues," Ford said.

District 12 – Shane Burkett http://www.burkettforcouncil.com

District 17 –  Sandra Moore receives our endorsement. Sandra.Moore@centerstone.org
"We also recognize Chris Lugo’s commitment to equality," She said.

District 18 – Keith Durbin www.KeithDurbin.com

District 20 – Buddy Baker mailto:BuddyBaker4Council@comcast.net

District 23 – Emily Evans mailto:Emily.Evans@Nashville.gov

District 24 – Irwin Venick receives our endorsement. www.VoteVenick.com

"We also recognize the strong commitment to equality of Katherine Beasley and Jason Holleman," Ford added.

Earlier in the week the TEP PAC endorsed for at-large council seats. Those candidates  are:

  • Megan Barry http://www.meganbarry.com
  • Richard Exton http://www.extonatlarge.com
  • Saletta Holloway mailto:sholloway@mmc.edu
  • Tim Garrett http://www.garrettatlarge.com
  • Peter Westerholm www.PeterWesterholm.com

Ford said that TEP PAC wanted to also recognize the following candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to equality:  Brady Banks, Ronnie Steine, John Summers, and Maurice "Moe" Walker.