TEP condemns resolution from GOP counties


Carroll, Stewart and Williamson County Republican Parties have adopted a resolution calling for the State Executive Committee to take action against Gov. Bill Haslam (R) because “his administration (has) demonstrated a consistent lack of conservative values.”

Their resolution sites eight grievances, including allowing and retaining “openly homosexuals to make policy decisions in the Department of Children’s Services.” According to the Tennessean, Williamson County approved a version condemning the hiring of a Muslin lawyer. The party chairman said six other counties have adopted the resolution in whole or in part.

“The Tennessee Equality Project condemns the resolutions passed by the Williamson County, Stewart County, and Carroll County Republican Parties that, among other things, attacked Governor Bill Haslam for retaining gay and Muslim employees,” said Chris Sanders, president of TEP. “These attacks are based on fear, ignorance, and hatred. They poison the political discourse in our state and they do not represent the best of Tennessee.”

The Stewart County Republican Party Resolution grievances include:
•Haslman keeping 85 percent of former Gov. Phil Bredeson’s (D) Executive Service Employees.
•“One of the latest Executive Service Employees has included Samar Ali, an expert in Shariah Compliant Finance which is one of the many ways Islamic terrorism is funded. She is also a one-time Obama appointee and her family has a long history of supporting the Democrat Party.”
•Haslam retaining and hiring a majority of democrat legislative liaisons from Bredeson’s Administration that did not block funding during the first legislative cycle for Planned Parenthood.
•Allowing and retaining open homosexuals in the Department of Children’s Services to make policy decisions.
•No support and lack of leadership on handgun carrying permit holders in the last legislative session.
•Allegedly manipulated state law to hire a commissioner of education from out of state who they claim has “embarrassment to our Republican Legislature.”
•Refusal to sign Agenda 21, which passed the House and Senate with all republications voting yes.
•“Lied to party leaders by stating that changes would come after the TEAM act was passed, hiring people from the Obama administration was not the change we were promised.”

The resolution does not state what action should be taken against Haslam. To read the entire resolution, click here.