Earlier this week, the day of the Tennessee Equality Project’s (TEP) first Day on the Hill, O&AN reported on a list of “talking points” circulating in defense of an anti-marriage equality bill. Well now it’s out, and it’s not alone.


Check out this list compiled by TEP (with links to bills’ web pages)!

Allowing Religiously-Motivated Discrimination in Adoption

SB848/HB1152 by Sen. Hensley and Rep. Ragan.  This bills protects private adoption agencies that discriminate against prospective parents based on the religious or moral views of the agency.

SB1304/HB836 by Sen. Pody and Rep. Rudd.  This bill is similar to the previous bill.

Business License to Discriminate

SB364/HB563 by Sen. Gardenhire and Rep. Zachary.  The Business License to Discriminate bill.  The bill casts businesses rather than the LGBTQ community as possible victims of discrimination.  Government would not be able to disadvantage businesses in public contracts or grants if the internal policies of the business or nonprofit are discriminatory.  In other words, it opens the door to taxpayer funded discrimination.

Fancy Pants Bathroom Bills

SB1297/HB1151 by Sen. Pody and Rep. Ragan.  On its face, this bill seems to be about indecent exposure.  But it is a way of criminalizing trans and nonbinary people in restrooms and locker rooms.

SB1499/HB1274 by Sen. Hensley and Rep. Holt. This bill is similar to a bill last year that required the Attorney General to defend school districts that engage in anti-transgender bathroom discrimination.

And Here It Is, Folks – The Attack on Your Marriage!

SB1282/HB1369 by Sen. Pody and Rep. J. Sexton.  The Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act is back.  Earlier in the week, we saw evidence in the Cordell Hull Building that such a bill was being considered.


To stay up-to-date on these issues, follow O&AN, and make sure to get on the TEP mailing list. Consider attending the next Advancing Equality Day on the Hill on March 5, 2019 (email [email protected] if you want to attend or serve as a district captain).