Tennessee Senators should speak up for LGBT people when Supreme Court justice is nominated

corker alexander graphic for web.png

The news spread fast after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his upcoming retirement.  But what can we do? The president will nominate a replacement before the November elections.

One thing we can do is urge Senators Alexander and Corker to speak up for LGBTQ people during the confirmation process and not vote for any nominee who supports discrimination. 

Please sign this petition to Senators Alexander and Corker.  We will deliver hard copies to their offices.

It is not enough that these concerns be part of the national conversation.  They must be part of the conversation in Tennessee.  We have to put behind us the days when social conservatives can assume we are just giving up on our two U.S. Senators.  Let everyone be surprised that thousands of Tennesseans care about LGBTQ issues and let's do our part to surprise them!

Sign the petition and share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends.


Chris Sanders

Executive Director