Tennessee Equaity Project announces details for 10th Annual Advancing Equality Day on the Hill


In this month's O&AN we told you that you could be a hero for equality with Tennessee Equality Project's (TEP) Advancing Equality Day on the Hill (AEDOTH) on March 11th. Last last week the statewide equality organization released schedule and travel details for the 10th annual event.

The schedule of events includes a March 10 reception at Tribe for those traveling from out of town, a morning reception at Rymer Gallery as well as a night after-party event held at Mad Donna's for their weekly Drag Bingo.

If you have yet to RSVP for the event, TEP asks that you please do so using the form at this link. It will allow TEP to know you are attending and help match you with legislator meetings.

TEP will be joined by other statewide organizations including Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition (TTPC).

"As Tennessee's oldest statewide LGBT advocacy group, we have been committed for over a decade to fighting for equality for all LGBT people and against any form of discrimination that affects any segment of the LGBT community," said TTPC lobbyist Dr. Marisa Richmond.

"Each year, we encourage LGBT people and allies to come to Nashville to meet legislators and raise awareness of the issues facing our communities. While we recognize the challenges of pushing a pro-equality agenda at this time, we continue to work heard to ensure that all Tennesseans can enjoy life with respect and dignity."

Finally, anyone looking for a chance to volunteer should contact TEP here