Tennesseans to speak out against anti-gay Southern Baptist resolution


Local clergy, parents and community leaders will hold a press conference on Wednesday, June 22, at 11 a.m., to criticize the proposed resolution at the Southern Baptist Convention on "Homosexuality in Public Schools."

Charles Warford, retired Southern Baptist missionary; Gene Floyd, former Southern Baptist and mother of a gay son; Brad Bullock, Nashville pediatrician; and others to be announced will be speaking at the press conference. The press conference has been organized by the Human Rights Campaign.

The annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville may consider a resolution that encourages their members to "investigate" their children’s schools for evidence that they "present homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle." Examples of promoting homosexuality include: officially sanctioned gay clubs, diversity training, anti-bullying courses, and safe schools programs. If a school is determined to have these policies or programs, parents are encouraged to remove their children from the school. The resolution also makes dangerous claims such as being gay is more dangerous than smoking.

The press conference will be held at the Nashville Public Library, 615 Church Street, Nashville, TN.