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Birth Certificates Policy Gets Tennessee Sued in Federal Courts

Today Lambda Legal filed a federal lawsuit challenging Tennessee’s policy prohibiting transgender people born in Tennessee from correcting the gender marker on their birth...

TEP Organizes Response to LGBT Rights Emergency in Tennessee

While there are a number of anti-LGBT bills floating in Tennessee’s General Assembly, this week’s committee schedule has rights groups sounding the alarm. Three...

TN Attorney General Opinion on anti-Trans Hate Crimes

In an increasingly rare bit of good news for Tennessee's LGBT community, Tennessee's Attorney General Herbert Slattery issued an opinion today declaring that transgender...

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Acceptance

    Several times in my life, I have felt that I am different. When I was younger, I was the only Jewish kid in my...

Growing Pains

The last time I had been inside an Episcopal church was back in the early 90’s. This year, I was to see daughter-unit sing...