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LGBTQ Caucus for Metro Councilmembers Formed, A Historic First

In the 2019 Davidson County Metro Council elections there was an historic wave of seven LGBTQ candidates. That election cycle again made history when...

DelRossi, Metro At-Large Candidate, Goes on Homophobic Tirade

District 13 is rapidly winning the race for most homophobes running for Metro Council this year! Last week, Victory Fund denounced Dan Meredith, who...

Metro Council – Historic Slate of LGBT Candidates in Nashville

During the last cycle of elections to the Metro Council, history was made when two LGBT candidates—Brett Withers (District 6) and Nancy VanReece (District...

Nashville Metro Council’s Coming Rainbow Wave

This year, Nashville has 7 openly LGBT candidates running for Metro Council!  The Nashville Members of the Victory Fund’s Campaign Board—Jeremy Davis, Jim Schmidt,...