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Is Being Called ‘Daddy’ At Pride A Bad Thing?

Hey, daddy...   I think I almost threw my phone the first time a younger gay that I was hitting on—maybe even sexting—used that word, referring...

Medical Breakthroughs in HIV We Should Pay Attention To In 2019

A medical breakthrough is a significant step forward in theory development or research. From the bionic eye to the 3D printing of arms and...

Valentine’s Day—I Am Lost

  I do not know a single, truly successful, monogamous gay couple: I mean really know them. I can’t even think of any real-life candidates for...

We Are Holiday Family

If we don't maintain our Christmas Eve tradition then we'll be forced to spend more time with our family and that's just not what...

Living and Dating with HIV

I found out that I was positive because I got really, really sick. I had every symptom in the book which is a good thing...