‘T & P’ offers affordable vintage wear


Nashville’s men now have new reason to add to their wardrobes. Former college roommates Luke Tidwell and Kevin Perryman have created Tidwell & Perryman (T & P), a vintage men’s clothing shop that puts anClothing line T & P is the creation of college roommates Luke Tidwell and Kevin Perryman. PHOTO PROVIDED emphasis on affordable fashion.

In July, T&P moved into Local Honey, a popular Nashville vintage shop located in 12 South and owned by designer Shea Steele. The pair had first sought out Steele for advice on their own line, and she soon invited them to open a pop-up men’s store to harmonize with her women’s line.

Perryman recently relocated from New York, where he’d previously worked at Bumble & Bumble as a stylist. He contacted Tidwell, a designer and architect who had been hoping to start a small business, and the pair agreed that a clothing store would be the perfect creative outlet. A top priority was to offer quality product for a small price.

T & P offers affordable clothing that also mirrors today's fashion trends."It was important for us not to be considered a thrift store," Perryman said. "But it was also important for us to be affordable. Most of our shirts range from $16-$30, so guys can come in here and pick out a couple shirts and not feel bad about the price."

T & P has steadily increased their inventory since their debut. As new buyers, the two founders have mainly focused on basic attire. They examine each piece to keep their brand consistent.

"Our clothing falls into three categories: military, work wear and classic/preppy," Perryman said. "We look for unique styles that fit into those categories."

Part of T&P’s creative mission is to design interiors for retail spaces. The new layout of the store was designed by T&P and the majority of fixtures were handcrafted by the two owners.

The duo recently hosted a fashion show at Local Honey, complete with musical entertainment and refreshments, to display their new fall fare. The event included one piece designed individually by each partner.

Eventually, the pair aim to create a standalone clothing store that will serve as a place for customers to spend a lazy afternoon.

"Later on we’re looking at a shop where we not only sell clothing, but also serve coffee and even possibly have some barber chairs," Tidwell explained. "We want to have a hangout where people feel comfortable staying for a while."

Perryman added, "We’re still fresh and new and we have very heavy enthusiasm (for this business)."

At this time, T & P offers select accessories including ties, bags and belts to round out your wardrobe. Unique items such as varsity jackets and leather coats line the walls, and a wide variety of footwear—fashion boots to tennis shoes—is also available. Tidwell says that T & P encourages inclusion and acceptance.

"Our motto here is ‘You are OK,’ he said. "In our lives we’ve seen where fashion can divide people depending on what you wear and what name brand you have on. We want everyone to be involved and included."

T&P clothing can be purchased within Local Honey, Nashville’s premier vintage shop, located at 1207 Linden Ave in the 12 South District. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.