Spring brings time of renewal and art


Spring is in the air and it’s time to renew the pursuit of our passions in life once again. It’s like an awakening, a renewal, with new thoughts, new growth and fresh joy.

It’s been a sleepy winter and many of us are more than ready to plug ourselves into a live outlet. We’re all going to die one day, right? So we should get out there and pursue what we really want to do. There is more support in Nashville for the arts of all forms than there ever has been.

What a great foundation to build upon! I remember when being here felt as if one were limited to a few choices. Well, that has changed! Nashville is full of artists–and art lovers–of all walks. That works for me. That’s why this whole art culture thing is growing so fast here.

Without art, and the expression of it, what would be the point of conquering the rest of the world? Art expresses the inexpressible and the awesomeness of things we cannot possibly express by other limited means, such as words. Don’t words just get in the way sometimes, anyway? Then why am I writing this column…with words?  It’s to tell you to cut off the cable TV, shrug off the winter cold, get out of the “box” and see what’s out there for you, in this big, huge, wonderful world that is our gift from the god(s).

Mentor somebody, do something you’ve never done before, take a risk and break out!

If you are an artist but don’t show your work anywhere, there are organizations out there to provide an open venue for your art. For example, Plowhaus Artist’s Co-op in East Nashville has its own space in which to exhibit.  And, their artists are on many different levels of accomplishment, so you shouldn’t be intimidated. For more information, visit plowhaus.com. Another group, Untitled Artists, is uncensored and you can easily participate in their quarterly shows. Their Web site is untitlednashville.org. There are more out there than just these two, so start digging around town and many more will turn up, I assure you.

I suggest that you visit some of the exhibits and talk to a few participants before you decide with whom to be involved and to what extent.

Another popular way to show your art is at restaurants and clubs. Please be kind to these art-loving individuals and remember, they operate restaurants that show art; they are not galleries that serve food. Three such establishments are Fido’s and Jackson’s, both of which are in Hillsboro Village, and Tribe on Church Street. Provence at the roundabout also shows art, not to mention many more restaurants and clubs that span from west to east Nashville and even to other planets. Trust me–I’ve been!