Sing! down the Cumberland on the General Jackson


One of the great things about living in a wonderful city like Nashville is the vast array of entertainment options available. Unfortunately, many residents like me have been here forever and have never made time for some of Nashville’s more long-standing traditions such as Gaylord Opryland’s General Jackson Tours.

Recently, that was rectified as several other members of the O&AN staff and I were invited aboard the General Jackson for an enjoyable evening of cruising along the Cumberland.

Before boarding we were greeted by the friendly staff, which positioned us in front of a display where a commemorative photo was taken for later enjoyment. After that we were whisked onboard and away to the expansive dining room where we were to spend the main portion of our evening. The dining room was decked out with lots of gold and crystal and looked like something straight out of “Gone with the Wind.”

As soon as we were seated, the wait staff made their presence known and we were offered a wide variety of choices from the large drink menu. Not long after the drinks arrived, dinner began. The food was a marvelous combination of fillet, chicken and vegetables that were prepared to perfection. This, coupled with the excellent banquet –style service, made this dining experience truly unlike any other and the floorshow hadn’t even begun yet.

Once dinner was finished, the entire theatre was treated to the Broadway-style “Sing! Musical Review,” which can only be seen on the General Jackson. Five talented singers and a seven piece ensemble work their way through some of the most well-known show tunes and standards of the pop, rock and country genres in a truly unique presentation.

Just after dessert and before the show began, we approached downtown and even though it was a bitterly cold February night everyone had to run out on the stern of the grand boat to see the spectacle of neon and lights from the river. It was a great sight to behold from an angle that many never get to experience.

A fine time was had by everyone in our little O&AN troupe. We had a blast socializing and checking out the cute servers and staff while we were fed great food and given one-of-a-kind entertainment by the performers. It was truly a night to remember.

The General Jackson tours are one of the most popular events for visitors to Music City for obvious reasons and those of us who live here should also take advantage of the fun that can be had on the Cumberland River. Check out their Web site at for additional info and tickets.