Second officer fired after attack on transgender woman


A second Memphis police officer has been fired as a result of a February attack on a transgender woman in the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center.

Bridges McRae, 28, was fired immediately after an administrative hearing held June 25 for his involvement in the beating of Duanna Johnson, 42. McRae had been on non-enforcement status since the attack.

Video surveillance shot in the booking room of the jail shows McRae hit Johnson repeatedly with handcuffs wrapped around his fists. Another officer, James Swain, 25, is seen restraining Johnson by her shoulders during the attack. Swain was on probation at the time of the attack and was fired in April.

McRae called Johnson a ‘faggot’ and a ‘he-she’ and then hit her several times in the face after she refused to respond to the derogatory comments, O&AN previously reported.