Second class of gay and lesbian Weight Watchers group starts in April


More than 318 pounds and ten weeks later, some 21 people continue to loose weight participating in a weekly gay and lesbian Weight Watchers meeting at Red Restaurant.

A new "class" is being formed and will start meeting on April 9. The group will meet for ten weeks, and if there is enough interest, the same group can continue to meet. Bud East organized the first group, most of whom will continue to participate in the program when their ten week period ends on March 26.

"Itsn’t it great that we’ve lost more than 300 lbs," East said. "I’m excited we have enough interest to continue the program. It’s great to be able to meet in such a supportive enviornment."

The group meets on Mondays at Red Restaurant at 5:30 p.m.

Cost to join is $120.00 for new members. $110 for members who are currently in the program and $100.00 for lifetime members. The program will consist of 10 weeks.

Each week you have a confidential weigh-in to help you track your progress. You learn how to make wise choices, eat healthy and enjoy food and exercise.

"They will teach you how to eat in a way that will keep your weight off," East said. "They have two different programs. Flex system that allows you to count points, and the Core system that allows you to eat certain selective foods."

For more information, contact East at [email protected] or call Tribe at 615-329-2912.