Sarah Silverman cracks Nashville up


One of my favorite things about Sarah Silverman is that she doesn’t hold back her brand of humor for anyone…and that included the 12 year old boy that was in the third row of her performance at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville on April 23.  I for one was certainly thankful for this.

Whether talking about poop, rape or singing one of her songs about old people dying, you never get the feeling that her jokes are forced.  It’s hard to not make a poop joke seem “forced”!  See what I mean!?!  They are part of her fluid conversation with the audience that leaks out of her like a beautifully offensive stream of urine that has managed to find its way onto your fancy new loafers… or for my lezzies in the house, you’re Docs and Crocs.  But somehow it doesn’t matter because you didn’t really like those shoes anyway.  You just bought them because you had too many mimosas at brunch and went shopping with your fellow gays.  Shoes are usually the first thing I buy when I am shopping drunk because trying them on never makes me feel fat, but I digress.  Apparently I have been digressing for about half a paragraph now.  Let’s get back on point shall we?

Nothing beats a great live comedy show.  One thing that kills comedy faster than a speeding locomotive is being overly political.  Sarah’s show, while having some jokes that certainly touched on some of today’s hot button socials issues, never crossed the line from funny to preachy.  The platform is too easy for some to push their own social issues down the throats of patrons.  A “captive” audience doesn’t always mean a RECEPTIVE one!  Comedians, take a lesson from Sarah Silverman.  She’s a smooth, foul mouthed operator.  I also appreciated her willingness to let people who were sitting way in the back fill in the empty seats that were closer while mocking the “rich” people who didn’t show up for the show.  I took this as just another sign of her being way cooler than most other comedians.  I’ve never actually seen another comedian be so gracious to their fans that maybe didn’t have the dough to by the up close and personal seats.  Very cool, Sarah.  Very cool.

People might find Sarah’s material inappropriate, but it’s the self deprecating way she delivers her monologue that makes it hard for me to find fault in her words.  She is part of the joke too and doesn’t mind being laughed at and not just laughed with.  I truly believe that when history looks back on comedians of our time, Sarah Silverman will be looked at as one of its finest.  If you get a chance to see her live, take the opportunity because it’s worth it; especially if you ever wanted to hear her sing the word c**t about 32 times in a row.

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