This sample workout can be done anywhere, anytime, with no equipment. It is not recommended to begin any diet or exercise regimen without professional guidance, and any workout regimen should be developed in consultation with a professional to prevent injury.

However, what I want to demonstrate is that, when it comes to getting healthier, all you need is to take the time, make a plan, and stick to it. Expensive equipment or gym memberships can be helpful tools, but they are not necessary.

One equipment free workout involves 4 rounds of the following, with as little rest as possible between each.

  • 8-15 Bodyweight (Incline, Decline Or Regular) Push-Ups (Modification: Kneeling Push Ups)
  • 10-30 Russian Twists (1 Rep = Rotate On Each Side)
Daniel Buckley demonstrating the 'Russian Twist'
The ‘Russian Twist’
  • 30-60 Second Elbow Plank
Daniel Buckley demonstrating the Elbow Plank
The Elbow Plank
  • 10-15 Bodyweight Squats (Modification: Chair Squats)
Daniel Buckley demonstrating the Bodyweight Squat
The Bodyweight Squat


As with any routine, one would try and increase the amount of reps done each time the circuit was performed (i.e. if 10 push-ups for all 4 rounds are done today, 11 for each round would be a target for next time). Ultimately, this is what ensures progression.

Overall, just stay consistent with the routines you develop. Results might come slower than expected, or desired, but your consistency will guarantee them over a lifetime.


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