RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE recap: “ShakesQueer”

DragRace_ep3_shakesqueer edit.jpg

I actually learned something kinda cool this week. "Drag" is a term invented by William Shakespeare that stood for Dressing As Girls during the time when women's roles in theatre were played by men. And all this time I thought his only contributions to our vernacular were "heart of gold" and "knock knock who's there".

This weeks episode started with Sasha Bell exiting and leaving a message on the mirror that read "Minj for the win." I'm not sure if this was an endorsement for Ginger or her way of saying she was giving up and going back to girls. Either way … SHADE! I was happy to see Sasha go and Katya stay.  I love Katya. She won me over during her meet the queens interview. I think she's hysterical a la Bianca Del Rio.

I love that this weeks work room scenes started out with Jasmine Masters throwing more shade than the noon day sun at the group I like to call " The Tri Fish Fecta": Ms.Fame, Violet and Pearl, and then ultimately being eliminated. I have thought Jasmine was gross from the beginning. She looks like Mr. Ed in a wig. All tea all shade, bye girl, bye!

Ru making an appearance in the work room on a Rascal had me all the way dead! That green suit was gag worthy, and made me half wish I wasn't such a femme. 

This weeks mini challenge was a homage to The Golden Girls and I was cracking up. Jayden Dior Fierce as the twerking grandma was just everything.

Max is sort of starting to grow on me. At first I thought she was a thirty Jinx Monsoon wannabe but, during this weeks Maxi challenge she really showed her theatre chops. She also showed her sweet side when Jayden broke down. It remind me of the sweet moments between Bianca and Trinity last season. The fact that Pearl had no idea what MacBeth was left me stunned beyond belief. If you wanna know the sad state of the American school system, talk to a young queen. Really, bitch? Macbeth?! Dear god.

I knew Kennedy's team was in trouble when she said she didn't want to put people in there comfort zone. Like, what?! This is Drag Race not Biggest Loser! The idea is to win, not achieve personal growth as an actor. Put people where their strengths shine so your team wins… DUH.

Jasmine was just ALL kinds of awful. Even during the read through. She couldn't get the rhyming down in her delivery because, you know, iambic pentameter isn't important in Shakespearean theatre. Jasmine being awful was like, the 10th wrong with Kennedy's team. 

Max's team was good but Kennedy made them look great by being an inept moron during casting. Side note: "Hags Wort rejects," however will be a phrase I use for infinity when describing Goth people. 

When we get to this week's runway, it was bearded lady eleganza. Jasmine's over-confidence in everything especially in her run way look shows exactly what's wrong with the participation trophy generation. Girl, get some shame and self-awareness. But I digress. Ginger Minj told a heartwarming story about how her entire Drag cast went to a hospice to give a full on show to a loyal, dying fan. Real talk, when I'm on my death bed, imma need the cast from PLAY dance bar to come visit me in the hospital.

My favorite look this week from the the runway was hands down Violet's flawless Dior silhouette. It was GAG worthy! A close second was Baberham Lincoln pulled off brilliantly by Katya.

When we go into the elimination, I have to say I was really disappointed in Jasmine's attitude. Her over-confidence faded at a very inopportune moment. Suddenly she went from over-confident to a sniveling coward. First off, her half-assed beard: bitch please. Her excuse was "I don't wanna end up in the hospital with bumps on my face" really?! Bumps are life threatening?! No. No bitch they're not. Also, people who really wanna win will put forth life and limb on that stage. So, bye girl, bye. She was scared to go up against Kennedy. That kind of "give up before it you've even tried" attitude is inexcusable to me. But that's what you get from the participation trophy generation. They're over-confident, until they ACTUALLY have to prove they've got REAL talent or put in real work. Then they just quit. I can't say enough how much her attitude sucks. I was glad to see her go.

During the lip-sync challenge I was sad Kennedy was in a full gown because she was restricted in her performance and the legend of her stage show has traveled far and wide.

I enjoyed seeing Ru lose her MIND on Kennedy's team and their excuses. There's no room for excuses, this IS the Olympics of drag!  

My prediction for next week is that Kandy Ho will be going home. I find her forgettable and she irritated me in episode one with her bad shading and ageism. Look, if it weren't for the queens in their 40's , 50's and beyond, you young queens wouldn't have the rights and freedoms you have now. Get some respect and appreciate what they've done for you.

All in all I loved this week but let's be real. I, like everyone else, am looking forward to The Library being open and Snatch game.