RUN…The gay zombies are coming!!!


Unbeknownst to the superheroes, love stories, and psychological thrillers claiming top spots over at the box office, a boogie man is approaching. He’s looking to slash and maim his way right to the top. That’s right friends, just in time for my favorite holiday, Gay Horror flicks are making their way to audiences.

My last trip to Nashville’s favorite GLBT superstore (OutLoud!) turned up Zombies. When Christian sold his soul to the dark powers of Samuel he was promised a life free of guilt and no recollection of his sins. A world where a small cabal of handsome killers, zombies, seduce and prey upon innocent men at will. This movie follows Christian on a downward spiral as his memory awakens from the numb life he’s grown accustomed to. His past causes the line between madness and sanity to blur. Christian is forced to choose a life of absolute power or to abandon his dark existence and walk the Earth as a mortal.

Alright I’ll be honest, I borrowed that synopsis. But I had to. Watching this movie was like watching one of my own incoherent dreams; a dream with enough gore to make Freddie gag. Even worse than the gore was the one guy’s sideburns! And maybe it’s just me, but I prefer that my zombie movies have actual rotten-faced zombies. No pop-culture references, no chases, no comic relief, just one long train wreck that you just can’t seem to turn away from. Turning away proves to be a challenge because amidst all the strangling there are some hot victims that I’d like to get my hands on.

What’s your favorite scary movie? I doubt you’ll be saying that it’s Zombies any time soon, but if you’re looking for something gruesome to make that certain squeamish person move closer, Zombies will definitely do the trick, or should I say deliver the treat. Till next time gals and ghouls…what the, BEHIND YOU!!


Zombies (2004): D

Now available for rent at OutLoud!
1703 Church Street , Nashville , TN 37203
(615) 340-0034