Riddlehoover works on latest film


Nashville-based independent filmmaker Matt Riddlehoover is currently working on his next feature-length film “Bookends.” There is a lot of excitement around this project as his last film “To A Tee” was a surprise hit (due to an enormous amount of attention garnered through the online friends network MySpace).

Bookends” follows-up Riddlehoover’s impressive turn in 2006, which included the MySpace Film User’s Choice Award, some festival honors for his work with the band Strays Don’t Sleep and a video spot on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Impressive for a 21-year-old who isn’t even a senior in college yet, no? Riddlehoover attends Watkins Film School in Nashville, but now focuses a great deal of his time and energy on non-school related film projects.

Riddlehoover was born in Bermuda, grew up in Charleston, S.C. and moved to Nashville when he was 18. He is considering a move to New York in the not-so-distant future to continue his career in film.

One of Riddlehoover’s biggest influences and favorite writer/director is Woody Allen.

“I appreciate any auteur who has a body of work that stands out, particularly his,” says Riddlehoover. And if he keeps up the good work, Riddlehoover is himself on the way to becoming one of these distinguishable figures.

Still in school, working so avidly on personal film projects and not sure whether to move to New York yet or not, Riddlehoover says, “I’m at a point right now where I don’t really know where things are going.”

And it just so happens that this is precisely what “Bookends” is about.

A mix of comedy and drama, “Bookends” tells the story of a group of friends trying to ensure that a close acquaintance has a terrific birthday, because of a hiccup the year before. Over the course of the film choices are made, realizations are reached and conclusions are drawn about things lurking beneath the surface.

“It’s really about observation, and how you can only really know someone by watching them,” explains Riddlehoover. He shot the film in a way to make the audience feel like they are “peering into this experience.”

Riddlehoover and many of the same actors who appeared in “To A Tee” are also gracing the screen in “Bookends,” including Jonas Brandon, Lindsey Hancock, Tia Shearer, and Thashana McQuiston. They all gave such charming performances in “To A Tee,” and it is expected that we won’t be disappointed this time around.

“I trust them and I love them,” declares Riddlehoover, referring to his actors, “and I wrote these parts for them.” The film is in no way autobiographical, but the actors are acting in “their own voices.”

Bookends” looks to be a memorable film with an ensemble cast that is sure to please…again.

“I’m insane,” Riddlehoover jokes, as he shot “Bookends” in only two weekends. This is no simple feat, as the film is roughly a 90 minute feature.

Stay tuned. There is more information to come pertaining to Matt Riddlehoover’s latest film “Bookends.” To see the trailer or to find out more about the film check out www.myspace.com/riddlehoover or www.mattriddlehoover.com.