Regarding your story ‘O&AN Exclusive: 1-on-1 with Adam Lambert’


I had to write to let you know how much I enjoyed your interview with Adam Lambert. I wanted to ask how you were able to arrange to have this time with him? I am in Tallahassee, FL. We were not on the list of cities for the AI tour and I have not had the pleasure of seeing him perform in person. I have contacted our local civic center manager and he has agreed to try to book Adam as soon as he starts to schedule his solo tour. I felt that I had to be thinking ahead if we were to have any chance of getting him to come here. Tallahassee is a progressive and very diverse southern city. With two large universities, our median age is 29. I am one of Adam’s older fans, belong to the Gramberts Group, Ha! Ha! Since I write, both for a website and our local paper, I want to arrange an interview with him but I have no idea who to contact. I know he has a publicist and I even tried contacting 19 Entertainment but so far, no response. I loved your questions and I have so many things that I want to ask him that others have not. Seems everyone gets stuck on the same old stuff and with Adam, I think we have not even begun to scratch the surface. I keep imagining sitting down with him just to chat and then taking what we talk about, writing it up and letting him approve it before it publishes. Can you give me any advice on how to go about getting some time with him. Thanks again, great, great piece. Lisa

Lisa Fowler
[email protected]
Tallahassee, FL