Regarding the teacher that was recently arrested in Williamson County


Regarding the teacher that was recently arrested in Williamson County for having a relationship with her 17-18 year old student…
Statistics show that most often this happens within the framework of male teacher to female student.
In fact with the ages given by this very situation in many states there are not even laws against the behavior:
Teacher Student Sex Legalities
• In 20 states, it is not a crime for school employees—including teachers, administrators, and coaches—to have sex with students aged 16 and over.
• In 23 states, it is not a crime for school employees to have sex with students aged 17 and over.
• In 45 states, it is not a crime for school employees to have sex with students aged 18 and over.
• In 16 states, it is a crime for adults in a position of trust and authority—teachers, administrators, and coaches among them—to have sex with students under the age of 18.
The outrage here will not be so much that it is a teacher student relationship it will be more about the lesbian relationship.
If everyone can keep focused on the "HUMAN" factor and leave the gender of the parties involved out of the equation, and realize that there are two sides to this story. There may even be a reason why this happened with an almost 18 year old student. (Not agreeing with the actions, just saying don’t burn someone at the stake before all the facts are in.)
It seems we all want to rush to judgment when the "gay" factor weighs in but what should be done is realize there are not only the student, the teacher, and their families at stake here but the strides that the entire GLBT community has made for the past few years in this area. Please realize that this is an isolated event that we do not even have all of the information for just yet. So Do not rush to judgment of an entire community on the back of one singular persons actions or non action.
Should this teacher had a relationship with her student before graduation? No it probably would have been better to have waited or even to have said "I am sorry you are just too young" .
Should this student have pursued this teacher? No but then where were her parents in this scenario? Did they know what their child was into and who her friends were? Did they give her the freedom to do all this and then when the possibility of her being a lesbian or her having a relationship with someone older came up they freaked?
But now how many of us reading about this and watching this unfold know of people that are in a marriage or a relationship with someone either same sex or opposite sex that is at least 15 years difference in age? This is very common practice around this area. I know that My grandparents are 18 years in age difference, My parents have 10 years between them, and I know many other couples that range between 8 years gap to 21 year gap. This being said many will say the younger the person the wider the gap is.
I too believe this but I can say that with the many age gap relationships around this area, this teen probably thought nothing of dating this teacher, and the teacher probably thought nothing of the age of the child.
We need not judge this incidence by a box mentality, we need to wait to find out the true story, and only then make a decision where you stand.
Even then it is not our place to judge them, that is left up to a court of law.
There have been a lot more reports recently about abuse within the schools. The awareness is a good thing but I can tell you from experience this is not a new thing, the schools were rampant with abuse back in the 80’s and many of us that attended school back in the late 80’s joked about it happening and if you ask many of the students that were in the schools then they will tell you who the offenders were and now where their names hang in honor. (When they should have hung in shame just like the new generation of teachers that date students) But back then it was brushed under the carpet.
What a joke to have Ricky Headly heading up this investigation, after he should still be suspended while in his own trouble. This man yet wile innocent until proven guilty should be on leave just like this teacher. What he has done is no better or worse than what has been alleged of this teacher.
Just my humble opinion,
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