Regal Cinema drops gay-themed movie releases


By Michael Wilhoit

Regal Cinemas has announced the cancellation of the release of two Hollywood Independence films that were scheduled to show at their Downtown West location.

Junked, scheduled to be shown on Jan. 28, and The Singing Forest, scheduled for Feb. 4, were both dropped from Regal’s lineup.

Regal Cinema stated the underlying reason for the films’ being dropped relates to their policy regarding “DVD release windows,” a time frame between the film’s release date in theaters and the release on DVD and VHS.

Regal’s spokesman Robbie Arrington asserted, “The distributor failed to alert Regal that The Singing Forest is currently available on DVD, and Junked is scheduled to be released on March 8.”

Arrington also explained that Regal requires a 12-week DVD release window. Junked, being shown on Feb. 4 would have been shown approximately four weeks before the scheduled release date.

In the past five years, the theatrical-to-DVD window has decreased by 16.9 percent, according to Video Store Magazine Market Research. Consumers can now buy theatrical releases on disc in less than five months from their box office debut. For example, in 2000 it took a film earning $10 million approximately six months to debut on DVD; in 2004 it took 138 days.

Hollywood Independence spokesman George Henry contended, "The chain will come up with just about any excuse why they can’t play it when less deserving films remain for weeks, even months, at a time playing in almost empty auditoriums. But that is the never-ending struggle the independents have to deal with. We are very sorry and upset about this, but there isn’t much we can do about this at this point.”

Henry continued to express his sincere apology to the Knoxville GLBT Community.

Arrington defended Regal’s position by stating, “I have seen every gay-themed movie I have ever seen at Regal. In fact, Regal also supports several nationwide GLBT film festivals.”

Writer/director Jorge Ameer was scheduled to attend a meet-and-greet hosted by Kurt’s Bar.

From scheduling limo service, to preparing particular dishes, Kurt’s Bar was prepared to offer Ameer a taste of Volunteer country. The scheduled event date was to take place at Kurt’s Bar on Friday, Feb. 4 at 9 p.m.

Management at Kurt’s wants the Knoxville GLBT community to know that they will keep their end of the deal by providing a movie for disappointed customers to view. Kurt’s Bar is located at 4828 Homberg Dr.

Please visit, or call 865-558-5720 for further information.

More information on the movies playing at Downtown West can be found at, and further information on DVD release windows can be found at Limousine services for the canceled event were provided by