Real Representation

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As your candidate for District 8, I have pledged to address the issues of all our residents by creating an open exchange of information, being accessible to our neighbors, and working with the neighboring districts.
We are losing the connection between residents and our representatives.
For several years in our district, there has not been enough communication between council members and the people. If you contact your representative on council, you will get a reasonable response, for the most part. That response might take a week or more, and patience is required, but a response is not a conversation.
The ability to talk to our council members in person is necessary to convey the problems we experience and discuss potential solutions to those problems. The best way forward is together.
I am committed to maintaining regular office hours so that my constituents may share the issues that matter most.
When projects are on the agenda, your input will be needed. If we truly want development to happen for us and not just to us, we must all be involved in the process. As your representative, I will rely on community input for guidance before voting on an issue that involves all of us or even a few of us.
You can count on real representation. offers several digital tools that can help neighbors with their needs. Many of our neighborhoods are active on the NextDoor app, which allows for easy communication between members of our communities. The Neighborhoods Resource Center, of which I serve on the advisory board, is another organization that offers assistance to help build stronger neighborhoods.
As we move into the future, we need more neighborhood associations to rise. We will be looking for leadership in our neighborhoods that will meet the moment. I will do all I can to help you find the resources that you need and work with you.


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