Reader responds to YMCA opinion


It really is sad that a city the size of Nashville does not have a bathhouse. All the activity at the Y shows that one is needed.

I have driven to these cities simply because they have a facility: Atlanta , Columbus , Cleveland , St. Louis , and New Orleans . I have friends who have driven to Indianapolis and to the Parliament House in Augusta , Georgia . When I vacation I seek out Ft. Lauderdale and the Island House in Key West . It would be so nice to be able to come to Nashville for a weekend of fun and spend some money in a clean open atmosphere.

I know some who frequent the adult stores etc., and we know about the cruising at certain spots. So let’s get real and honest and get a bathhouse in operation in Nashville . This would help those of us who admit that we enjoy the baths and help the straight and/or married men have a place to go where they can enjoy safe sex plus hot baths, a steam and a dry sauna.

Come on Nashville break the chains of bondage to the churches and be real.


James E. Gipson
Sewanee , Tenn.