Reader responds to coverage of Meigs County cross burning


To the editor:

I just finished your article about the cross burning in Meigs County [“Meigs county gay man finds cross burning in front yard; district attorney requests TBI investigation,” August 2006 cover story]. It absolutely burns me up (no pun intended) that people are still living in the old racist ways – and I hate to say this, but Southern ways. I know this happens everywhere, but it is just ridiculous to carry on such traditions as these. People need to grow up and join the changing and evolving world around us. I myself am straight. I do in fact believe that all people have the right to live and be who they want to be, without threats, politics, and prejudice coming into play. If someone chooses to be someone or do something that you don’t agree with, and it’s not hurting or involving you, mind your own business! I’m sorry if my words get out of hand, but these things – the way people are still today – just makes me irate. If it’s in any way possible, please pass on our thoughts and hopes for a better day to the Waters family and friends.

R. Duff

New Tazewell