Reader offers different opinion on HRC selection


To The Editor,

I respect the recent opinion of Joseph Brant entitled "How do we choose those we honor" as I respect the opinion of the rest of your readers. Yet, you should not be surprised that I wish to offer my own opinion.

Personal experience provides the opportunity for me to inform your readers that the decision making process surrounding honorees for The Equality Dinner is done with careful consideration and never without the awareness that there are others who are deserving of this recognition. This particular process is most definitely a priority as those involved are well-aware of the scrutiny of those who are not in a position to cast their own vote.

It is my opinion that the selections for the 2007 Dinner are good ones.  Each honoree has been considered in the past as have been many others. It is the simple fact that this year the time has come for Marisa, Chris and Iris to have their moment in the spotlight. These are individuals who have devoted years to the betterment of our community and it is shameful to overshadow their recognition by questioning the decisions of a hard working dinner committee. And, if anyone should continue to do so, I would encourage you to participate in the process by working on the 2008 Dinner.

By doing so, you would understand how this happens rather than having to ask.

Doug Huffines
HRC Dinner Co-Chair 2006, 2005
HRC Dinner Committee Member 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006