Purity Dairies lightens up this spring


Purity Dairies has announced a new line of light frozen desserts, including a 98% fat free chocolate ice cream that beat out other national brands to take the dairy industry’s top award last month.

The new light ice creams, frozen yogurts, ice cream sandwiches and fruit bars arrived in local grocers’ freezers this month.

The spring 2007 flavors include the national award-winning ice cream, light remakes of classic favorites, and options for those craving something fruity. These include: 

  • 98% Fat Free Chocolate Ice Cream, which was awarded “Best Low Fat Chocolate Ice Cream” by the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) at its annual “Ice Cream Technology” competition last month. Purity ranked first against major national labels such as Edy’s, Nestle and Publix. 
  • New pint size containers of Purity’s best selling light flavors: Moosetracks, Vanilla and No Sugar Added Butter Pecan.
  • No Sugar Added Light Vanilla Ice Cream, made with Splenda and containing half the fat of regular ice cream, which will compliment existing NSA Light Butter Pecan and Half and Half (1/2 Chocolate, 1/2 Vanilla).
  • Chocolate Moose Tracks Frozen Yogurt, a reduced calorie, reduced fat version of a Purity favorite.
  • 98% Fat Free Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches, a low fat take on a classic treat with 90 calories per sandwich. 
  • Blueberry Granola Frozen Yogurt, full of fresh ingredients and containing half the fat of ice cream.
  • Real Fruit Bars, a guilt-free treat featuring lime, strawberry and grape flavors. 

”Our new light desserts reinforce Purity’s long standing commitment to creating the best tasting products that also meet our customers’ individual dietary needs,” said Tim Tracy, ice cream sales manager at Purity Dairies. “As the weather warms and consumers search for healthier alternatives to their favorite desserts, Purity is happy to offer lighter options that don’t compromise taste or quality.” 

Purity Dairies was started in Nashville in 1926 by Miles Ezell, and since then has grown to service Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. Purity has 600 employees. 

In 1998 Purity Dairies was purchased by Dean Foods and currently produces 150 milk products including milk, cottage cheese and sour cream and 200 ice cream and frozen products.