Opinion: Biden-Harris, Because Lives Are at Stake in This Election

The Most Vulnerable Would Be the Worst Impacted by Another Trump Administration


At stake in this election are our very lives.  The current Administration is trying to roll back the clock in many areas.  They fought in the Courts in support of discrimination in the workplace for all LGBTQ people.  For Trans people, in particular, this Administration also stands for denial of access to health care, especially for trans youth, denial of access to housing, and denial of service in the military, and support for transphobic legislation in the states. A Biden-Harris Administration will reverse these positions.

The recently adopted Platform by the Democratic National Convention features the most inclusive LGBTQ language ever adopted by any party.  We had more LGBTQ delegates, including a record 35 Trans and Gender Non-Conforming delegates, and many LGBTQ people are in important positions in the campaign.

Marisa Richmond, with 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden
Marisa Richmond, with 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden

I feel that in 2021, not only can we finally adopt the Equality Act, as long as we can flip the Senate as well as the White House, but the policies that a Biden-Harris Administration will support and adopt will put the brakes on hateful bills at the state level.  Tennessee’s current Slate of Hate was based on the understanding that they would be supported in the courts by the Trump Administration.  That will not be the case if we win in November.

There is much in a future Biden-Harris Administration that Progressives can support besides just LGBTQ rights: climate change, healthcare, education, the judiciary, racial justice, and a just return to the global community.

The current wildfires ravaging the West are a result of climate change. The current President has only offered the suggestion that the forest floor needs to be raked batter. A Biden-Harris Administration will embrace science and return the U.S. to the Paris Climate Accords, committing the nation to addressing the problem of climate change.

Since taking office, the current Administration has attempted to gut the Affordable Care Act, without offering any viable alternative.  Joe Biden worked with President Obama to pass the Affordable Care Act is remains committed to making it work and securing affordable health care for all Americans.  When he talks about the tragic car wreck that took the life of his first wife and daughter, and left his sons in the hospital, he understood the importance of having health insurance. And when his son Beau was taken by cancer, he knew that many families who are also touched by such diseases can be wiped out financially by health costs.  He wants to ensure that no family has to fear such devastation.

The current Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has done nothing to support public education, while she and the President have targeted public schools at every level, as they push to fund discriminatory private schools instead. Within a Biden-Harris Administration, we will have a great advocate in none other than the next First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. An educator herself, she understand the importance of fully funding public education and making it possible to anyone to get the training they want and need to care for themselves and their families.

The current President not only been filing the Federal court benches with right wing ideologues, but has recently threatened to nominate people like Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz.  With Anita Hill in support of the Biden-Harris ticket, we can be assured that we will get highly qualified nominees who will support women’s rights, including a woman’s right to choose regarding her own reproductive health care.

The emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement has been denounced by President Trump as “racist,” which is not surprising coming from a man who declared that Nazis were “fine people” and has been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan.  Joe Biden worked closely with the first Black President, and made history in picking a Black, Asian woman as his running mate.  He has reached out to the families who have suffered from police brutality and has shown a commitment to supporting real reform to address systemic racism in society.

Finally, we have seen the current President turn his back on human rights by embracing brutal dictators like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, and others.  A Biden-Harris Administration will renew our historic relations with democracies and support human rights, including LGBTQ rights, around the globe.


Marisa Richmond is a professor and a civil rights advocate, with a particularly long history advocating for the transgender community in Tennessee. This article represents the opinion of its author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publishers or editors of O&AN. Click here for more on election 2020.