It didn’t take long for word to spread that Tennessee’s hate-mongering General Assembly was again attacking same-sex marriage. George Takei, infamous gay icon and cult-status star of the Star Trek series, is ready to take them on again. It’s almost like he’s ready to be part of the landing party for the fight against the Romulans … I mean Republicans.

For those of you who are new to this, a few years back, Romulan Sen. Stacey Campfield filed a ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. That fight dragged out over years, and every time you thought it had been defeated, it just popped up again. Search our site for ‘Don’t Say Gay’ and you’ll see!

Takei, who has in latter years become an outspoken activist for LGBT causes, joined the fray back then, and it seems he is more than ready to take on a new batch of Romu … Republican ‘legislators’ this time around too!

And this is only the beginning. I hope that all Republican members of the General Assembly are ready for the full scorn that comes with being national disgraces.


  1. Takei can weigh in all he wants. What would be really helpful is if he would write a check to the Tennessee Equality Project to support the boots on the ground here. We’re doing the hard work. Back your words up with money.

  2. They will have scorn heaped upon them, especially when they realize how many BILLIONS of dollars TN would lose.

    It won’t go anywhere, but they are just pandering to their white trash Trumpian base.

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