O&AN Seeks Advertising Sales Manager


Out & About Newspaper
Advertising Sales Manager

(full-time exempt commission-only position)

The position of Advertising Sales Manager at Out & About Newspaper is a full-time exempt commission-only position, with the person hired expected to put in at least 40 hours a week.

This role will be responsible for actively selling as well as managing the sales process of more than 100 current accounts for Out & About Newspaper and its internet component, www.outandaboutnewspaper.com.
This position will report directly to the publisher and or the associate publisher or designee, and work closely with the editor, production artist and contract designer.

The person in this position is expected to be an active member of the GLBT community. This person will be a member of the senior staff and help with planning and future growth plans.
Salary is based on commission. A 15% commission rate will be paid on all sales, and shall be paid monthly, within 15 days after the issue sold for has been published. If O&AN moves from a monthly publication schedule to a weekly schedule, the commission will be paid by the 15th (if not before) of the past month of sales. A 3% commission will be paid on those sales persons reporting to the sales manager for whom the manager must oversee.

Commission Charge Back:
If a client has not paid an account within 120 days, commission that was paid on that account will be charged back against current sales commissions.

A minimum about of expenses can be reimbursed. Expense receipts are expected to be kept and turned in at the end of each month. Acceptable expenses include (but are not limited to) travel, client entertainment, fuel, and membership fees to promote the business.

O&AN participates in the CoverTN BCBS insurance plan. The employee is expected to contribute 1/3 of the premium and cannot qualify for CoverTN if insurance coverage has been had within the last six months.

Time Off:
O&AN does not currently provide paid time off. Should you seek unpaid time off, you must seek approval through your direct report, and time off must not be scheduled during a time that would harm sales. You must make yourself available during production week to answer any last minute account questions.

Position Requirements:
–  5-7 years professional experience in advertising and marketing, be it in a newspaper, magazine, yellow page directory, outdoor, radio or TV environment
–  Prior experience in managing a sales team preferred
–  Experience specifically in print ad sales a strong plus
–  Strong passion for driving sales and success a must
–  Strong work ethic and communication skills musts
–  BA/BS Degree from an accredited college or university
–  Experience with contact management software
 Knowledge of production procedures and specifications helpful
–  Ability to cultivate strong, relationships with counterparts in other departments necessary
Job description:
o Carry main company phone line and answer incoming calls Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
o Be available by telephone during production time to answer production ad related questions
o Take messages and email them to various staff members, and handle any sales calls which will come in.
o Perform direct selling on your own list of accounts and meet established goals by calling and face to face meeting them.
o Maintain a sales quota of at least 32 average pages sold per month for Out & About Newspaper
o Assist publisher in developing advertising revenue goals and ensuring budgets are met.
o Develop page and revenue commitments by developing thorough account plans.
o Collect and review call sales reports and make suggestions from them and submit to publisher.
o Establish strong relationships with clients and advertising agency personnel.
o Ensure that all proper paperwork is filled out for the submission of ads to the production department and that they are produced with as few errors as possible.
o Provide issue closing numbers to editor contract designer and publisher for layout and production.
o Create ways to telemarketer more advertisers into the classified/marketplace section.
o Develop campaign to upsell classified/marketplace advertisers.
o Help develop advertorial sections and their selling strategy.
o Keep publisher informed as to significant advertising opportunities and problems.
o Assist in the process of collection of money from accounts.
o Attend meetings of business and civic groups to drive name recognition and increase ad sales.
o Assist in determining the promotional approach to selling special sections or editorial material.
o Create a quarterly report you send to the publisher of general advertising trends, staffing issues and overall competitive market analysis.
o Evaluate rate structure relative to competition and market needs.
o Provide competitive analysis feedback regarding other magazines to editorial, marketing and circulation.
o Develop ways to cross sell advertisers into Inside Out Nashville as well.
o Assist in developing custom publishing opportunities for Out & About Newspaper.
o Other duties and responsibilities as may be determined.
Future roles of this position as the company continues to grow:
o Train new sales staff and continually provide additional training and development to existing sales staff.
o Role play with sales team members.
o Monitor performance and productivity of account executives through regular one-on-one meetings.
o Conduct weekly sales meetings.
o Mentor staff to overcome sales obstacles and produce better sales figures.
o Assign leads to sales team members from prospect database.
o Accompany sales reps on selected calls to enhance the impact of the call and/or to monitor the rep s performance.

Hours and Location:
This is a full-time position working from office space provided by Out & About Newspaper.

Additionally, there are evening business networking, tradeshow and company events as well which you will be expected to attend. Office hours may vary.

Reports: This position will report directly to the publisher, and or associate publisher or designee, and have a dotted line report to the editor.

Out & About Newspaper is an Equal Opportunity Employer